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Electronic Records: Audio of Welty Stage Adaptation

Chloe Edwards, MDAH Electronic Records archivist, brings us this post in an ongoing series celebrating Electronic Records Day and Archives Month. The series features items from the MDAH disk collection.

Eudora Welty's last manual typewriter. Accession number: 1981.22.1 (Museum Division Collection)
Eudora Welty’s last manual typewriter. Accession number: 1981.22.1 (Museum Division Collection)

Sister and Miss Lexie: Adapted from the Collected Works of Eudora Welty

Call no.: Disk 0018

Format: Audio CD

This disk is a professional audio recording of the David Kaplan fantasia on the works of Eudora Welty, as performed by longtime collaborator Brenda Currin. First performed Off-Broadway in 1980, the show presents one complete short story, “Why I Live at the P.O.,” and adapted excerpts from The Golden Apples and Losing Battles. The show concludes with a long performance comprising pieces of several novels and characters from many of Welty’s short stories accompanied by a live piano performance of an adapted Beethoven’s Fifth Piano Concerto.


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