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Pushmataha. Call Number: PI/COL/1984.0002 (MDAH Collection)
Pushmataha. Call Number: PI/COL/1984.0002 (MDAH Collection)

Pushmataha (c.1764-1824) was a leader of the Choctaws during Mississippi’s territorial years and early days of statehood. He was noted for working with the government while also trying to preserve the culture of his people. He joined forces with the Misssissippi militia against the Creeks in 1813 and also fought with United States during the War of 1812. Pushmataha served as a Choctaw representative at the negotiations which led to the Treaty of Doak’s Stand in 1820. He died a hero and is buried in the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C. Pushmataha is a member of the Mississippi Hall of Fame and his portrait hangs in the Hall of Fame exhibit at the Old Capitol Museum in Jackson.

Source: Westley F. Busbee, Jr., Mississippi: A History (Wheeling, Illinois: Harlan Davidson, Inc., 2005), 65, 76, 81.