State Historical Markers: Treaty of Doak’s Stand

This month we’ll highlight our State Historical Marker program by featuring markers that are associated with the month of October from around the state. The photographs of the markers are by Gerald Johnston, who in an amazing feat, photographed most of the historical markers in Mississippi. Used with permission.

Located on Hwy. 16, a few hundred feet west of Hwy. 17 (Madison County)

Marker text must be challenging to write–imagine condensing an important event or person down to just a few words, when probably whole books were written about the subject! It almost seems like an impossible task, but the historical markers we’ve seen here do a great job of giving the highlights on their subjects. They pique your interest or impart a fun historical fact to know. Most importantly they honor the memory of what is written on them (in 574 words/spaces or less!).

Historical markers commemorate historic events, places, and people from Mississippi history. Over 800 have been placed at sites throughout Mississippi. For more information about historical markers and sponsor application forms, visit the State Historical Marker webpage. Special thanks to William Thompson, coordinator of the marker program, for compiling the October markers.