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Call Number: MA/2002.0074(a) MDAH Collection

Here is an interesting and beautiful map of Mississippi from 1910. It’s interesting because not all of the 82 counties that presently exist can be located on it. One example is Stone County, which is not represented here, because it was the last to be organized in 1916. It now sits where the upper half of Harrison County is on this map.

Call Number: MA/99.0045(a) MDAH Collection

This is an even earlier map of Mississippi by David H. Burr, with still fewer counties shown. Neither Stone nor Harrison Counties are on this one which was made in 1833 after the Chickasaw Cession (note “New Mississippi” in the north). This map has been linked to its catalog record, where you can view it as a Zoomify JPEG by clicking “Link to Electronic Resource.”

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