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MDAH Launches Flickr Page

The MDAH Flickr page.
The MDAH Flickr page.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the MDAH Flickr page highlighting our digitized collections. Since the Library of Congress began posting its historic materials to Flickr in 2008, the platform has proven an excellent venue for showcasing scanned collections with a wider audience that is interested in photography, history, and culture. MDAH has an immense store of archival photographic material, a growing portion of which we are able to scan and provide online. We always strive to reach a wider audience, and we believe the community at Flickr is an excellent opportunity to do so.

Flickr also provides a rich medium for enhancing our knowledge of MDAH collections through user generated content such as tags and comments. Do you recognize someone in a photograph? You can leave a comment with that information. Have a story about a place or event depicted? Feel free to share those recollections in the comments as well. ‘Tagging’ a photo can also add information – you can group photos by their shared tags. Interactions like these increase the information available about the images, benefiting scholars, genealogists, and researchers everywhere.

Flickr has a brief tour that can introduce you to the site. You do not need an account to view our photos, but you do need an account to use the site features such as tags and comments.

Please visit our Flickr page where you will find our first set of collections!

Daisy Community Photo Collection
Parchman Farm
Cooper Postcard Collection
Daniel, Al Fred Collection
Historical Map Collection
1927 Flood photos
Single items

New photos will be added weekly to existing collections, and new collections will be posted as well.

Your feedback is welcome, and if you have questions about our account on Flickr, please send them to