Come One, Come All: Fair Headlines from 100 Years Ago

"Fair Attractions," Clarion Ledger, October 22, 1911, page 13. MDAH microfilm roll 20495.
"Fair Attractions," Daily Clarion Ledger, October 22, 1911, page 13. MDAH microfilm roll 20495.

The fair received extensive coverage in area newspapers. The Clarion Ledger reported:

Never in the history of this association or of any other for that matter, has such strenuous effort been put forth to make of this exhibition a complete, high class and thoroughly entertaining and educational one. The State of Mississippi has been raked and scraped from one end to the other to find exhibits of worth and to prevail upon the people to take an interest in one of the most important enterprises the state has ever known.

Oh, yes, and then there is that ever present, ever necessary midway of amusements. What would a Fair be without them? The management this season scoured the country in selecting the most entertaining, the newest and cleanest attractions that could be secured. Nothing has been overlooked that would add gayety [sic] and instruction for Fair visitors. In fact, nothing has been left undone to make the Exposition as a whole, something that will cause the people to go away feeling that they have witnessed the greatest show they have ever visited.

Source: “Big State Fair Opens Today,” Daily Clarion Ledger, October 24, 1911, page 5. MDAH microfilm roll 20495.